Conversation Time with Jesus by Traci Rhoades

My mom is my best friend. Somewhere along the way, we went from mother and daughter to great friends and the relationship serves as one of my biggest blessings. She’s my confidant and mentor.

But she lives thousands of miles away in a little town called Houston, Texas. We speak on the phone almost daily, usually in the mornings before she leaves for work. My mom and I only see each other a handful of times each year but we have a very close relationship.

That’s why, during a conversation in Bible Study one Wednesday, I nodded my head in agreement as another woman shared about a close relationship with her mom. I knew just what she was speaking of when she talked about enjoying the friendship of a family member.

Her next statement, however, convicted me to the core and still influences me. “I think Jesus wants us to long to speak to Him even more than we long to speak to our moms.” Immediately I thought of how often I checked the clock each morning to see if mom was awake yet (Houston is an hour behind us). I remembered all the times I ran to the phone, anxious to share a bit of news or get much needed advice. Did I experience the same excitement when going to Jesus?

The Great Teacher exhibited the importance of setting aside time with our Heavenly Father before the sun comes up (and long after it goes down). As we find in the book of Mark, Jesus took time before each day started to be alone and pray. Much like the close relationship I enjoy with my earthly mother, Jesus taught us our Heavenly Father longs for intimacy with us as well. That’s the closeness I too long for, with the lover and savior of my soul.

In the morning, long before sunrise, Jesus went to a place where he could be alone to pray.

Mark 1:35

A New Hallelujah by Jamie Rogers

Today is a sunny April day in Michigan and so I sit in thankfulness that it is not snowing and that the sun is shinning!! That is the song I am singing. My heart is full and thankful for the sun today. Without to much thought what are you truly thankful for today? Did the Spirit impress something on your heart as you were listening to this song? What is the song that you are singing today? A song of thankfulness or maybe excitement or maybe even fear. Whatever song you have the Lord would rather hear it than have you keep it inside.
Lets dig into scripture and see what new song we can sing today.
Ps. 33:3
Sing to the Lord a ____ ____, play skillfully and shout for____.
The last part of this verse says shout for joy! We know God is worthy of our praise but lets check out a few reasons why. Look at Ps 33:4-5 and write down 3 reasons to shout for joy in your praise to God.
I love that he is faithful in all he does. That is the reason to Sing a New Song!!
Lets look together at a verse that is really on my heart as I am writing today
Heb 4:12
For the word of God is___and___. This is why we can look at his word daily and it applies to our lives. That's why we can be recharged by his word, because it's always at work. The spirit is always at work and we hear his voice through the word so it has to be alive and active. I feel very strongly that we are going to truly sing a new song , we have to realize he is at work in our lives all the time. That is a great reason to shout for joy!!
Lets look at one more verse Ps 98:1 and take a minute to write this one down.
What marvelous thing has God done in your life or what marvelous things is he doing right now? Lets end our day with a prayer to thank God for the work he is doing in our lives. If you are struggling to see his hand at work in your life right now lets pray this together.
Lord I know that you are at work right now and that you love me, but to be honest it is hard to see. I need a break through today, I need your guidance, and your wisdom. I know that even in the tough times you are working all things out for your plan. Lord I love you and I ask for more of you and less of me.
Thank you Jamie for giving me permission to publish this.
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S.W. MI RACE for the CURE

May 16th, Saturday at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place Susan G. Komen organization will be holding a 5K RUN/Walk and a 1 MILE WALK. In October of 2008 there were 1500 free mammograms provided to the uninsured and underinsured women.
You may email, call Toll -Free 1-877-566-3679, or pick up information at the ministry table at church.
If you would like to join us from North Point in walking (or running) please contact Karin Breedveld 269-692-2390 or
Let us help make a difference.

Honoring our Loved Ones

NEED for you to share a picture
and address of family, friends, and
loved ones serving our COUNTRY
We will have a display of the pictures
and addresses for church family.
Please submit them to
or bring them to the ministry
table at church

Spring Spectacular

The North Point Women's Ministry has the Scout House
in Otsego reserved on May 23rd for a
Spring Spectacular! We want to give the ladies at
North Point who have home business a chance to share
their product. So far we have
* Party Light candles
* Premier Designs Jewelry
* Back Sacks
We have 3 spots available and if you are interested
please email Jaime Rogers
or Karin Breedveld at
* You will also have a chance to buy annual flowers
at the spring spectacular

Readers Rejoice!

Book exchange to be held the last Sunday of every month.

We will be set up in front of the Teacher's Lounge. Come and browse and check out a book for the month.

We pray this will be a blessing to those who love to read but are not able to get to the Christian Book Store or the library.

We will bring you the books at church.

Bible Study

New Study starting May 5th. The book we will be using is My Heart-Christ's Home by Robert Boyd Munger. Who's that knocking at your door? Open it wide and welcome a special Guest into your heart. Imagining the heart as a house, Munger walks you through each room, encouraging you to surrender its contents - no matter how messy - to Jesus. A wonderful introduction to the Lordship of Christ! This is a 4 week study. We will be meeting every Tuesday in May from 9:30-11:15am.
For more information please contact Lynn at

Four Season's Bible Study

Four Season's Bible Study April 15 and is "Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks by Priscilla Shirer. Studying the Word of God heightens our spiritual senses to hear the still small voice of God and helps us recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit. From the Old Testament prophets to modern day believers, noted author and speaker Priscilla Shirer walks the reader through Scripture that captures the method and tone of God’s communication and
teaches the reader to beware of counterfeit voices, how in each encounter God’s voice may differ, but the nature of it does not.
The study takes place in Otsego on Wednesday from 9:30-11a.m.
email Traci at for more information.